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Back On my feet

So the incident in NYC ended up being a blessing in disguise, cause I replaced my two old cameras with a supar new fangled Nikon D70. This is some of the results from my first two days with the camera.

First I had to test out the telephoto lens…

…It works

Ted and Gaylan (sp?) had an art show at PUSH. Good turn out and amazing art as expected. Best art show yet.

The whole team showed was there minus Baxter and Matt

Mandatory shake face photos. There were many taken that night.

And then I saw this guy and hid in the bushes with my telephoto until he spotted me.

When we left this spot I backed into a rock wall. I bet that wall won’t get in my way again.

This is my favorite thing to take pictures of.

I take lots of pictures of her

We went to Warren Wilson to visit our Big Nosed homies

With big noses come big boogers

More big noses

And you know what they say about pigs with big noses… Yep.

Kristen sympathizing