Rippin ROB

Rob one footed krooked up to nose stall, twirlybirded at the top while looping his hat between his legs, and switch Barney Rubble grinded back down… It was sick. Peep the footy in the upcoming release Blood Money. Rob will also be poll jamming over the Eiffel Tower.


The good news is that I’m in NYC and I’ve had a great time so far and met many awsome people, and the bad news is that both of my cameras got jacked and so my blog may not be so happenin for a bit.

This is in ATL a few weekends ago. David was trying to wallride over a gap and we were destracting him by doing this.

So this drain was just chillin on the wall all peacefull like and then Swett and Reese ripped it off of the wall.

At first I thought this show was gonna suck and then he was all like “Atlanta are you ready to ROCK?” and I was like “YEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

Then he got all Jimmy Hendrix on us

Nope, can’t quite cut it… I bet I know someone who CAN do it.

Justin Brock can do anything…better than you

AND he is trained in Combat…

Everybody dies THE END