Courthouse sesh

We went to skate a really good set of stairs in South Asheville, but we got kicked out right away so it was Baxter’s bright idea to go to the old courthouse. The good thing about this spot is that you never get kicked out. The bad thing about this spot is everything. Actually getting kicked out would probably save me a lot of frustration and ruined skateboards, so lets take that off the “good” list.

First Brunt has to duct tape his lens on cause he’s ghetto like that.

Eric Mitchel is now the official photo goon (did I spell goon right?)

Baxter is the designated ripper

Rory is the first to roll away from a trick. His alley-oop frontside 180 is deserving of this enthused high five.

This spot is no stranger to fucked up skateboards.

This session kinda layed itself out like a Disney Movie. At first is was all happy and up beat when Rory made the 180, but then tragedy plagued the session. But we all know that all Disney movies have happy endings!

Happy kickflip… Then he bs 180ed it.

And these two lovebirds live happily ever after…


Kristen and I tried to make cake, but…

…I don’t think we did it right.

Maybe next time


Alright so by now you have probably all seen Bryan’s awesome Caribbean blog. Well I was there too. He covered it pretty well, but there are a few more pics that should not go unseen. Hopefully soon I will scan my 35mm pics and I will post some of them.

The first day was a little bit rainy

But then it cleared up and the rest of the week was perfect.

Bryan doesn’t like lines. That old guy in front of him…

…is not good at sliding

But Bryan ripped it

Italian night was tiiiiiiight

I was upset that we only got to stay in Key West for about two hours.

This guy was gonna make damn sure those two hours were well documented.

This was the only cool thing we saw in Key West

Oh yeah, and this guy

Bryan likes to show off his “Diangelos”

Uh, I guess that’s it for now… Keep posted for the film pics.

Night session

So last night Brunt, Molnar, and I hiked up to some spot out in the middle of nowhere. It was completely pitch dark, but when you live on the East Coast, you learn to appreciate minor set backs such as this as things that just make skating more interesting. The only time you could really see was when the flash went off, so we kinda had to aim the camera in the general direction of the subject and hope it worked out.

Lots of stairs hiking up to the spot.

Chris starts of the sesh with a Brunt to fakie.

Molnar narrowly escapes death as he weaves betwinxed the pillars.

He does not escape injury however. A concrete pillar to the knee can put a damper on most sessions.

But not this one

Brunt will be bummed that I used this picture because he is smiling and that is strictly prohibited in the tough guy handbook.

Full Pipes? Yeah we got em’.

I hopped in for a quick full loop… Bob Burnquist who?

Rock stars rock their rocks to fakie.

Session’s over. Time to go to Kristen’s house.

Meet Njari

Njari is a jungle cat from the Filipino jungle smuggled into the country by my girly friend, Kristen. Don’t be fooled by his seemingly warm loving eyes, this guy is a killer. He’s also pretty damn sneaky. He recently learned how to open Kristen’s apartment door. He latches on to the doorknob and swings back and forth until the door pops open. He made several escapes in this manor until Kristen caught him in the act and figured out his trickery.

skating balls can be tricky. This ball gets the best of Brunt.

After some hard work and determination, Brunt masters the ball and comes out on top.

These shoes are much less shiny now.