My brother got hitched

Before I left for Egypt, I shot my brother’s wedding with my 20D. Here’s the first half.

My half brother Chris was there with his third baby, third girl. I see him about once every 15 years so this was a treat. We have the same dad but never knew each other growing up. He had a really tough life and I kind of had a pampered life so its interesting to know each other now later in life. I wish we could have known each other as kids though.

I ate a lot of Gluten free cookies.

Everyone was full of cheer.

i know your niece is cute but mine is cuter.

Would you trust this person to shoot your wedding?

i love the ocean.

I always get in trouble for taking too many crying baby pictures.

On the wedding day just after Dana had gotten all make-upped and we had all gotten our spa treatment it started pouring.

My brother waits for his bride to be.

For about a half hour the rain let up and the sky even cleared up a bit and the light poured in and it was beautiful.

to know someone