I went to America in FEB/March. MOvin back officially from Russia APRIL 30th. on which i will embark on a great journey. Oh yes. But now: American Vacation 2008 Part 1

Mike Wilkes is back from India

This is Mitrafanov. He’s a Russian buddy who lives in Helsinki. He’s pretty rad. He grew this crazy mustache though and now he reminds me of Zhenya Hutz from Gogol Bordello: see below.

Mohitos should come in bigger sizes and not cost like 8 dollars. WTF.

on the walk over to meet the one and only BRYAN. for the first time.

Bryan shot the shit about photography and looked on in horror as I wolfed down two pieces of pizza. It was nice.

Bryan is hella into his telephone.

we hung at the Bulgarian Bar with Zhenya from Gogol Bordello and his super hot Eastern European girlfriend. She did hella pole-dances while I tryed my best to drink and make chit chat with Mitrafanov. Zhenya seemed to hit it off okay with my homeboy, the drummer of a big Russian band. To my disappointment however, we didn’t talk much. But when the chorus of the dope Russian songs came around, I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs and looked over and saw him doing it too. They are irresistable little ditties.

This is Austin Pferd, now known as Austin Horse. We went to school together. He’s the fastest man in the world.

This guy is responsible for turning me onto photography. Sean. He is so the best. I met him when I was like 15 and he was just the light of my life. Now, 10 years later, he still means the world to me, him and his wife Susan, who likes to call me her daughter and take me out for ice cream and everything. Hell, Sean even did a self-portrait with my boobs. I’m honored.

i wasn’t kidding.

this is my mama’s hubba. its for life.

this is my mama. she’s crazy. she’s always goin on about how she “pushed me out”

my niece is a fighter.

my sister

these are my philadelphia friends. that one in the middle – we call her jimmy. i have jimmy tattoed up on my hip. she’s got lafleur tattoed on her back. its to the grave – you feel me?

then i saw a bunch of pissed off chickens

It rained.

some peoples kissed