2008 was a touch on the shitty side. A grievous misconception or two, some questionable decisions, and a lot of personal rewriting have landed me smack dab and exhausted at the door of 2009. Well I feel tremendously much better now, thank you, and so here is a “best of” the worst that was 2008, as a spiritual salutation to the new year. I am way stoked for 2009, which I feel already is going to be momentous.

Buried standing up to conserve space.

Witchcraft and wizardry.

Dear dear heart.

Joan Collins has a lot to say.

Can’t yet tell how (un)dazzling the mid-Atlantic is. Perhaps I need to commit to either the North or the South.

Ikea recently capitalized on the hubbub and hung a series of ads in the metro station calling for “educational reform” and “change” in the form of various organizational furnitures (bookshelves).

Friend bait.

Ruff rape and rage poor.

She looks heftier now, right? Heartbreaking.

We’re related somehow, but not this way.

Wishing you a fruitful new year.