This has been the most retarded semester ever, I cannot wait to go home. I probably didn’t even document anything worth documenting.

Here is this puppy that Emily thinks is cute. It’s name is Sophie.

Chris and Emily way back when before Rachael left a huge hole in my universe.

Speaking of shiny faces and holes: I have a shiny face, and Cameron left another huge hole. I miss him.

Anya obvs misses him too. How could you not? I think about you almost every day, Cam.

We went to a Morning Benders show back before life got sorta gay.

Robert came to visit and had dance parties in my room with Greg late in the afternoons after 4 bottles of wine.

Sometimes we go to bars and gay out on each other.

Someone saw this picture and said “Is Courtney drunk all the time?” Mostly she is (not).


Dave punching his girlfriend while she gets licked by another man.

We sort of went out on Halloween. Cora creeped on Emmy all night long. How pretty are they?

I would too.

I filched 2006’s Halloween costume idea from my sister who, incidentally, has filched my favorite dress and my boots from me and still won’t give them back even though she promised mom and dad she would. It’s been 5 months, biatch. Send me my shit. Seriously.

Sometimes we go to bars and gay out on each other.

I’m really not so sure what’s going on here. Was it raining? Were we drinking rain? We were definitely drinking alcohol. That much is clear.

BFF Molly time. She came to Berkeley to restore my sanity and it worked! And then we stepped in berries that were relentlessly gushy and that perma-stained my vans. And then I lost my sanity when she left, bummer!

This is what my rack looks like when you look down my deep V-neck t-shirt: subtle, but suggestive.

Chloe why don’t I have any pictures of you? I miss you.

I hate everything!