I went to Lisbon, Cascais and Poto, Portugal with my BFF Molly for a week. Molly is the lovely human exemplar who is living in Ireland and who, in February, taught me how to chug bottles of wine and dance more maniacally than I already do. Together, we took Portugal.

We wish we could have spent more time in Porto because we only had a day, and it is perhaps one of the most intriguing cities we have ever seen. Anyway, the pictures are plentiful so grab a glass of sangria in the name of Portugal and sit back and relax.

This is Molly’s fresh face in case you need a fresh reminder.

Welcome to Lisbon.

On our way to the Castelo through the Alfama district.


We found a radical hovel filled with graffiti, flowers, and birds in flight.

Lisbon from atop the Castelo, which is one of Lisbon’s highest points. Lisbon’s river is just to left outside the picture.

In case you were wondering whether France turned me into a tubby, pastry-eating, froufrou sucktard, it did. But I’m still gangsta at heart!

Castles are good for chilling and listening to Portugese music. Especially when you haven’t slept for 48 hours.

What luck! Portugese music.

What the fuck, we found palm trees? For kids from California who are studying in Ireland and in France, this was quite a discovery.

There are cables like this all over Lisbon because it’s really transportation-efficient. Not unlike San Francisco.

Totally washing down the kilogram (Europe is metric!) of honey cookie that I just ate.

The castle we hiked to is in the upper right. Obvs this is from the opposite part of town.

After suffering through a night of cherry brandy, we decided to wake up early and walk to Bel