I went to Pittsburgh to visit my sister and didn’t want to come home. Part of that was plane anxiety and the other part was because Pittsburgh was totally awesome and I had a great time with Katie. She’s eight years my senior but we’ve managed to move past the hating each other stage and onto the appreciating each other stage. Once when I was 3 and she was supposed to babysit me, she tied me up to a chair and gagged me and left me in the room with the lights off so she could play next door. Basically she rules, and so does her place of residence.

Planes are my worst fear, and creepy dolls that belong to 12 year olds with braces don’t help my anxiety much.

First thing we did when I got there was go to the pound to play with all the kitties. This one is totally getting adopted.

Everytime you masturbate, god kills a kitten. Or so they say.

Later that night we went to this bar for dollar beers and Trivial Pursuit. What were the names of the three (not two!) Bronte sisters?

Perogees are a Pittsburgh speciality (thank you Polish people!), and they’re hella good.

Katie and her friend, Thomas. Thomas writes poetry and busts mad hip-hop moves in his spare time.

On Bastille Day we went to an Italian market in the Strip District to buy food for a barbeque. The set up made me want to eat/buy everything.

This is all candy and dried fruit, hells yes.

Would you like some bocce ball with your Manicotti?

Olive oil kegs.

Later that day we went to the Warhol Museum.

This one’s for Courtney.

That’s my sister walking through one of the rooms that Warhol made for the museum.

Chris and Alex getting ready to BBQ some pineapple, mushrooms, peppers, chicken etc. So tasty.

I made this for Marie Antoinette.

Then we engaged in craft night and made t-shirts, rings, necklaces and price tags.

Treat it like a beach, y’all. Or if you’re a slut, treat yourself like a beach and pay $4 and a handjob (not OTPHJ) for the shirt.


I hope PBR sends Bryan money for all the times it’s been advertised on the site.

The gays threw the party at this bar called the BrilloBox. I think the theme was “Fuck this let’s swim/ Christmas in July.” Why are the gays all so skinny?!

Katie has zero recollection of this photo being taken.

Septums are the new cool thing to pierce as evidenced by girl on the left. Pittsburgh is hot as balls, as evidenced by sweaty specimen on the right. Gnarly.

I slept at Thomas and Chris’s that night because Katie left early so she could wake up in time for work. I dream of the day when leaving the co-op will afford me a nice apartment like this one.

Sunday was Olympics day. I didn’t get many pictures, but here was one of the badminton teams. I think Chris plays for Team K-Mart, but I’m not entirely sure. There was also tennis, bocce ball, frisbee and marbles.

This is JohnIrv. He lives next door and is totally single awesome. His cuteness is unconveyable.

The day before I left. This is before we went to Take a Break Mondays at a bar that’s apparently really racist. It was tight.