I came across four invitations to the Matthew Barney exhibit opening at MOMA, courtesy of Anya’s dad. Jordan, Morgan, Whitney and I all went for the upper-level reception (re: free drinks) and stayed partway through the general member reception (re: crowded) until we got really hungry and claustrophobic. Mattew Barney is a photographer/filmmaker/sculptor of sorts/drawer/Bjork’s partner, and his art is thematically focused on bodily phenomena and the interplay between tension and restraint. At least that’s what the stuff we saw was concerned with. Cameras weren’t allowed, so I snuck pictures when I could, but nearly all are blurry. Onward!

Bryan thinks Morgan’s a babe. She is

I think Whitney’s a babe. He is

That’s Jordan on the left. You may recognize her from the nitrous days blog(s)

BART and stuff

This was Matmos’s set-up. They toured with Bjork about 3 years ago and were here in April with the Kronos Quartet, a group that Patrick informs me covers a Sigur R