I always talk shit about El Cajon (“the drawer” in espanol), but it’s not that bad. It’s totally white trash about 92% of the time, and everyone there loves George Bush and Jesus (two things I love only because I like to make fun of them), but home is home. Biatcheslough and his oldest and younger brothers all graduated from some type of schooling, so I went home to participate in the festivities. These people are my family, so this is basically like a still home video. I kept the trashy background as minimal as possible, except when it was totally awesome in which case it’s been documented.

Going home means food because my mom and dad pay for it

Going home also means picking avocados from my backyard. Are you in San Diego? Call my parents and they’ll let you come over and pick a shit-ton.

“Trevor, um, I think this is the life.”
“Yeah, this is basically the life.”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is the life.”

No Fear! Boats and big trucks for lyfe. Fuck yeah, ‘Merica.

My mom likes Karl Strauss. She wants to sell our house and move to Northern Mississippi.

This is my best friend, Molly. She goes to Davis and is getting ready to move to Ireland for a year. She’s also Jewish which is why she’s in charge of the money

This is Pok