Brokeback Mountain

Courtney, Anya, Rebecca and I went backpacking at Big Sur this weekend for 3 days. We hiked out on Sunday as the Memorial Day throng was on its way in to the hotsprings. This blog is pretty long, so sit back and enjoy the ride. The trip was amazing and it made us all really happy. Aw.
Soundtrack: Blackalicious and The Beatles; Bonding Experience: The near-death experience; Joke of the Trip: Pweiners

7 am hurts

We saw some cool trees along the way

Courtney thinks this looks like Hawaii

Apparently, someone owns this part of the ocean and no one is allowed to swim there. That’s probably why it’s so beautiful

A hillbilly, a 70s throw-back, and a hippie

The terrain and atmosphere changed depending on which side of the mountain we were on. This was the lush, forest-y side.

Gotta keep the blood from collecting in your hands

This is actually a waterfall, but the light makes it difficult to see

We’d gone 6 miles and were trying to decide whether or not to continue. We ended up going the whole 11 the first day so that we could camp at the hot springs for 2 nights.


I got hooked on the log. Check out the cooperative co-oppers! Ow!

We had to cross the river or cross this rock to get to the campsites

Those fools traversed the rock while Becca and I waded

Hot springs and boobies. We didn’t bring suits (except Anya) because Courtney told us the springs were full of naked hippies. We instead ended up meeting lots of overworked, awkward (and clothed!), corporate men. Um, so that was cool anyway.

Passin’ around the peace pipe at night

Tasty eats for dinner

Anya’s hobo hands sifting through the trail mix in hopes of finding the chocolate

Ow mama, you rocked me!

Ran into my friend Theo, on the right, who was camping just down the river-bend from us. They invited us to share their campfire

It was HELLOF cold there at night

We went on a day hike the second day, and ran across this oak forest

Here’s an idea of the desert-y side of the mountain. It was kind of like chaparral

After the hike we hung out at the river for a while

Anya and I plunged our nice warm bodies into the 40 degree water. It was painful and maybe also refreshing

The water was so cold that it knocked the breath out of us. I was forced to doggie-paddle due to lack of air/ability to think

Ice warriors

Mosquitos: 28, Becca: 0

Walkin’ around looking for a sunny place to lay (lie?)

This was the view once I found my sunny place

Cookin’ oatmeal on the last morning

Caution: Do not go off the path because you think it could be a shortcut. We hiked maybe 100 yards straight uphill trying to find the trail, lost it, and had to clutch all the posion oak on the way back down to keep from breaking our necks.

We stopped on the way home at some beach in Carmel

Sand is good

Whoa damn, blisters. P.S. Bryan: This is proper macro-function usage.



P-House and I threw a kegger at CZ last night to celebrate birthdays, homecomings, and the end of school. All I wanted for my birthday was for everyone else to get trashed. Mission accomplished. It was way fun, but some fucker stole the tap on the keg, and if it was you, I hope someone steals your bike and your first-born child.

My really good friends Morgan and Jordan came over to celebrate. They blew up balloons for me

Courtney all hippie crack’d out

Anya and Chloe dancing to some booty music

Chloe is such a babe. This is what she looks like right before you kiss her; you should kiss her.

More like Vegan-No-Edge

Kappa Thetha Beta for lyfe!

Sometimes we’re so hot it hurts me deep inside.

Alex was chillin’

I like this picture because the dude in the background is Vogue-ing

Happy graduation, Cameron!!!

Proof that Chloe is NOT a tight-lipped bitch.

We can’t remember why Courtney was sad, but it was probably either lack of music or lack of nitrous

Conjoined twins being birthed

My babies

Why so sad?!

Birthday kids, 46 and 17 respectively

After-party in our room, mostly because we couldn’t walk up stairs at this point

Gettin’ my dance on to Ace of Base

Joe gave the best birthday presents ever

I woke up drunk this morning and I fell on the concrete floor and it was sooooooo cooold. That’s my cold face/Why is there no more nitrous?!? face/My impersonation of a hungry velociraptor face.

I love you all so much, and thank you for coming to mah partay.