Beaster Weekend

I have the Bubonic Plague, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s been so goddamn nice here lately there’s no way I could feel bad about anything. Here are some pictures from Easter weekend and so on, spanning the Kingman rock ‘n roll ice cream party, skinny-dipping, some tripping hippies and the spawn of satan for whom I baby-sit. Cred to Anya who was my clicking parter in crime for some of these pictures.

Rootbeer keg, seriously!

Easter dinner with a bunch of hell-bound pervs

On the way to midnight skinny-dippin’ at Hearst

We had to break into the ROTC building to get to the pool. Total relief when no one was inside

Fuckin’ Tim is the resurrected Christ walking on water

Choclate sustenance

I taught them how to make towel-turbans. Tim was flashing peace like a menacing Ghandi, Alex thought it made him look hard, and I was pretending mine was a horse mane

Kingpin at 2 am is the best place to be if you aren’t vegan


Literally right out of the glazer

For Bryan! Because he gave us the pic with the beard and we know how much he likes fixies with brakes, ha!

Today was Bicycle Day which is the anniversary of the first time someone took acid. All these people were tripping and then smoking pot with a magnifying glass. Tiiiight

Margaret sleeps in her Catholic school uniform and tells me she is “gifted.”

James is an asshole, and he made me do a flip over the tree branch and then told me that it wasn’t “fabulous.” Sucks

There’s been a lot of nudity everywhere lately. Sunny days melt people’s clothes off or something, and if this site wasn’t pg-13, Anya could give me some pretty dirty (but classy!) photos of everyone who has been naked to put on here. Maybe I’ll photoshop some censor bars on the titties and dicks or something.



Here is a sample from my abbreviated trip to San Diego. Basically it goes: outside, party, mexican food. The same pattern can be applied to my life every time I go home. Nothing beats good mexican food. My dad says he’ll overnight me some tacos, but I think he’s full of heartless lies.

My mom’s pincushion flowers and a slice of the sky that stayed blue for like an hour until the rain

Brian, P-fuck, and Tara dancin’ to Lady Dottie and The Diamonds downtown

Monica’s birthday present to Patrick. He was hopin’ for more

Monica and Jenna: world-class dancers, seriously

Greg was a reluctant Eiffle Tower participant

Brian getting did

Patrick tried to ruin every picture I took

Except maybe this one

Fuck yes

Fuck yes, manhandle

Fuck yes, mmmm