No More Vegetarian

Step 1:


dance, bitch!

We came to party hard. Had a fall-down-drunk-and-dancing party at CZ on Friday. Lots of house kids and then of course some of my favorite out of housers (who happen to also be some of my favorite people anyway). Dancin’ and debauchery ensued and I woke up for my plane back to SD after 2 hours of nap. Dustin drove me to the airport blasting Phantom of the Opera. That was so harsh on my 4:30 am drunk ass. We’re going to turn every Friday into a dance party now.

All that Shannon wants is Al Green and tequila

First picture that Patrick has ever taken without his mouth gaping and his eyes closed

Kipp is hot

Subtle gangsta throw

Liz eating free bread, and her friend Molly who was in town from Boston

Anya is gonna steal Liz from you, Bryan. Check those wandering hands…

Courtney and I tried

But Chloe and Marcy do it up real nice

Roommate Portrait # 649

Hard as fuck

Everyone watchin’ Marcy get down

No hipster shit in this house, just ghetto music for the lady from FL

Droppin it like it’s hot

Bryan, you better watch out for Chloe too.

Beat it

Chloe is such a babe

Lessons on how to keep up with Marcy

Can’t get enough of Marcy, she’s pro.

This girl (Liza?) was sooo nice


Dance party was a blast. Everyone is always invited.


Happy Birthday, Biatcheslough

Happy 21st you. I wish you lots of goodness today, most espcially your own naked girl eiffel tower. Drink lots of booze in my memory.

A clothed Carly will have to substitute

Good luck retaining your good looks and not going bald during the next 21.

Wish I was there. These pants will stay tight for a long time comin’.



I baby-sat Saturday afternoon. Stole some triple A batteries from James (he’s 6, doesn’t need ’em) and found the parents’ liquor cabinet. I should try to take a picture of it because it’s totally expansive. I would drink a lot too if I were them.
There’s some upsetting stuff happening back home, so I went out that night with my best friends to get my mind focused on other things (re: beer). Went to a dance party at Kingman and saw lots of good folks, but I didn’t manage to get too many pictures of them because my motor skills were stunted. Happy Sunday, everyone.

Step 1: admitting you have a problem

Courtney’s first night out in a whiiiile because she’s been sick

Rebecca’s beer-stache


Later I saw the DJ wearing Becca’s glasses

Listening to J.Wex’s band play a Peach’s cover (hells yes)

I beer-tapped Courtney, sucker


Shannon and Courtney

These kids always make me happy

Home love

Free pile jacket and gangsta skillz

Round 2 with Katherine and Mike Wong

A little higher

On their way to a different party, but I bailed to go home and eat curly fries

Noah Pretentious milking a coconut

I found this passion flower this morning when I woke up