Critical Ass

Went on a vaginas-only bike ride today, although by the end of the day, I think Liz and I decided that our vaginas had dissolved from bike-seat-rubbage. Went to Albany Bulb for a killer picnic and then I had to go babysit some kids for a “test ride” to see if I’m a good babysitting match. I didn’t take any pictures of them because they’re Christian and cameras steal your soul.

Liz waitin’ for the plan

Anya trying to brake with Liz’s fixed gear

We all switched bikes

Figuring out where to park that shit

Trying to find the castle, but we got lost

Hellof delicousness. Vegan everything: pesto, hummus, chips & salsa, oranges, smoked tofu, Marcy’s bomb noodle salad

Cutest dog ever and he wanted to eat our food. I would have let him eat more than that

Anya laughing because we were telling poop stories. I love these girls.

Marcy is a caged beast (but a lovely beast)


This person was probably thinking of Bryan on his vegan macrobiotic cruise. Yuppie.

Every other Sunday, girly bikeride to go on a picnic. Call us up if you would like to go.



Some of these are from 2 in the AM Friday, and the rest are from Friday night. Hung out with Tim and Rebecca alllll recently then went to SF today with them and Trevor and I got my nose pierced. It hurt and I almost passed out because I’m a total pussy. Don’t tell my mom.

Tim and Rebecca watching Bryan molest Andre

Seducing the photographess

Trying to take a picture of the boats but I freaked out when a Harley drove by and revved. Loud as fuck.

16th and Mission

Nervously swingin’ the feet

Nervously being smooched for comfort

Notice the Dr. Seuss sanitary paper, fuck yeah.

Kari or a baby hampster?

Thank goodness for post-trauma beer, Thai food and good friends

Some nasty lava lamp that looks like an deformed fetus suspended in jelly.

I’m going to sleep now. It’s a good thing I have two nostrils. Hopefully I don’t get some grotesque infection because that would suck.


What I’ve been doing

I think I’m probably the most unexciting blogger on this shit. Climbing trees and cooking and that’s about all I do. That and taking pictures of climbing trees and cooking. Oh yeah, and I went on a ride today, but since all I do all of the time is eat and joke about being obese (deep down I hurt), I was struggling up the hill and didn’t get an opportunity to take any photos. Tomorrow it will be easier. Holla.


Blood oranges for sangria

All I need is a straw

Virgilio’s a baller (a tortilla baller! ha. lame)

Solid green gold

I accidentally knocked all the guacamole on the floor and walls and I would have taken a picture of that, but it made me want to cry. I also cut my finger and I think someone ate some of my skin in their fajita. You guys should all come over when I cook with Anya, it’s a blast.



I got a new bike yesterday. Realized I had been overdrawing my account since Tuesday, so Anya and Bryan leant me the money to buy it. I guess it’s still technically their bike. 1984 Woodrup with Campy parts. I do not deserve this bike, and the bike deserves better pictures.

my room is nasty.

BIG thanks to Anya, Bryan and Dwight for the lending of cash, pedals and car.


bryan probably likes men (boys?)

sushi, alanis and herpes

Last night of fish before I went totally vegetarian, but also the first ever sushi I’ve had

Spider rolls were hell of good

Sake and seaweed

Anya’s vegan stuff

Wasabi eating contest


Tim totally lost

Balls in my mouth

On the way to Maggie Mudd

We roll with the Alanis Morissette all the way up

Smiling during the chorus

Tim rockin’ to Ironic because he doesn’t want it to rain on his wedding day

Conquered banana split

Tim doesn’t want to smoke anymore, so I gave herpes to all of his cigarettes

Bryan and I wrote messages on the cigarettes and left them at CZ to brighten people’s day. They said things like: “don’t go,” “marc by marc jacobs,” and “wash your sheets.”

After all of that, we went in the hottub and then had a slumber party in mine and Anya and Courtney’s room. It was a good night