Buy My Boyfriends bike, and i will be VERY grateful,
Reply to: sale-497579756@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-12-03, 1:04PM PST

this is an add he placed for his bike. its a really nice big loud man bike. he said if he sells it i get a VERY nice holiday, complete with a new set of boobs.
so heres the deal. if you buy his bike. i will treat you like my boyfriend for an hour. i will be with you and your wife. you alone, you can use me in ways your girlfriend would never allow you to.

here is his add, and i will include one picture of what i look like.

customized harley davidson, super cheap .
1980 Harley-Davidson : Harley Davidson Shovel
Customised Harley Davidson Shovel.
Electric, and kick start.
Year: 1980 Warranty: No
Miles: 14000 Engine Size (cc): 1200
Condition: Used Title: Clear
Exterior: Black VIN Number: —
Type: Shovel Model: Harley Davidson

Vehicle Description

I’ve owned this 1980 Harley Davidson Shovelhead for about 10 years, and am only selling it because I bought a Road Glide. (I’m getting older, and I wanted the old man fairing and the air ride suspension. plus i have four bikes.) It has always been kept covered, and stored in a garage. I have babied this bike!

This motorcycle is HUGE !! I am 6′ 6″ and am very comfortable on this bike.(i have made no frame modifications. remove the forward pegs and this bike will ride comfortably with someone 5’10”) There are two pictures that are intended to give you an idea of how big this bike is. One picture is my bike next to a stock 1980 shovel. Honestly…this bike will make your buddy

this i believe

i dream of skatespots

and a cat that wears a neck tie

jeans team!

oh me oh my

epic bike, epic dude.

call bob 510 290 8312 if you want to listen to this with him, or for a rousing game of blokus trigon. daaaaaaaaang

that we weren’t invited to. It was actually a costume party and this guy was dressed up as a “pervert”. That’s what his shirt says, and here’s a picture of him with Jordan “Gord” Konz. I don’t think Gord knew that he was being licked.

thanks snoop & mom!

from the old bombers site

Welcome to Apollo’s log.

This documents every instance of skateboarding in front of the shop for a week or so. I know it’s ridiculous and that’s why you’re about to read it. But to Jerry and Dandy’s credit, don’t let this encourage you to be noisier than before. Just continue as you’re doing as you are well with in your lawful rights. Enjoy.

Location: 510 Skateboard Shop
SW corner of Telegraph & Dwight
Owners: Dandelion Bordow & Jerry Harris

Also: the island park.
SW corner of Telegraph & Dwight

To have to practically go into “battle” every day to stop this SAME problem, over and over, is clearly wrong and unfair. No other store South of the campus generates this much racket and congestion, nor should they be allowed to.
Why do we, the neighbors, have to deal with all this skateboard NOISE every day?
It’s unnecessary noise (kids practicing their moves or testing out the 510’s boards outside underneath our windows), and the loudest noise in the neighborhood. It’s time for more effective measures to be taken: more patrolling this corner and stopping the kids BEFORE we have to call, a talk with the owners and employees of the store to get (and keep) them involved in calming down their customers and keeping the walkway in front of their stores free from congestion and skateboard racket (and that includes sending their customers outside/curb-side with hammer and nails to construct their skateboards), and tickets and signage to dissuade the kids from using this corner as a skatepark.

9/22 (Monday)
11:00am: store opens.
11:01am: jumping/stomping starts. Waking us up yet again. Went on for about a half hour.
1pm: jumping/stomping resumes
4pm: the REAL jumping/stomping starts now, with afterschool kids descending on the store. Going on as i type this. Two of them are the same kids who spend every day here in front of the store, jumping/stomping, when they’re not IN the store or skating over to the other 510 two doors South, where they continue the skate racket outside THEIR doors. One is about 16, tall and skinny with a babyface and bowl-haircut-with-bangs. The other is a short black kid, very dark with thick glasses and a bushy short afro. Both have been shoo’d away by police at least twice last week, but they return almost every day to make their skateboard racket on this corner, stopping only to go into the 510 for awhile, especially when they see a patrol car rolling by. They’re easily two of the biggest problem kids here, and once THEY start, every kid in the immediate area with a skateboard joins them.
4:30pm: as expected, the crowd of jumpers has increased to 6, all smacking their boards on the concrete at the same time. We hit our limit and had to call police again. Eventually Officer Salas responded to the call, gave me a call, we discussed it for a bit, then he went into the store to talk to the kids, who had retreated inside the store when he showed up. Don’t know what happened after that, but they started up again after the officer left. Generally, it was quieter, tho, as only the diehards defied his authority and returned to the same spot outside the store to continue the jumping/stomping thing.

9/21 (Sunday):

1p: nails/hammering on the curb outside the 510 Skateboard Shop as either customers or an employee are given a hammer and nails and sent OUTSIDE to construct their skateboards…right under our windows. This DEFINITELY should be stopped immediately: there’s absolutely no reason for this and places the store in violation of Section 13.40.030 1:15p: the jumping/stomping begins accelerating as kids are amassing in front of the store for their daily routine. Some of the same kids that were hammering nails are now testing out the boards on the street and sidewalk. A couple of them have been here since 11am, either IN the store or jumping/stomping out in.

Noon – 7p: The jumping/stomping has been going on, with occasional breaks, pretty much NON-stop since Noon. Right now, it’s 3 of the same bunch of kids who’ve been shoo’d away from this corner TWICE this week. Imagine the annoyance of wood SMACKING concrete every 20 seconds for hours on end. They clearly have no intentions of complying with any officer’s request. Plus, no one in the 510 Skateboard Shop has made ANY attempt to stop the racket going on right outside their door, despite the fact that it’s a Saturday and there are hundreds of people trying to traverse the very corner being monopolized by skateboarding. The police were called in again, and an officer DID show up and disperse the crowd of kids. It actually was effective this time, as the rest of the day it was relatively quiet, with only the normal skateboard noise of kids coming or going to and from the store, which is fine, as they’re going from “A” to “B”, not “up” and “down” 300 times. The few times later in the day when a jumping/stomping/shouting rally seemed to be getting started, i DO believe i saw the 510-ers actually COME OUT and say a few words, and the kids stopped and skated away. THIS IS A GOOD THING. And it’s so easy. Just a couple of words and bam: it’s over and it’s quiet again. If the problem is solved from within, there’d be no NEED to call the police all the time.

3p – 7:30p:
well, it’s Friday so you know the Skateboard Mafia were out in full force. Almost all the regulars were there, planted for hours. In and out of the store. Jumping/stomping/shouting. Back and forth between the two stores. Doing the “Soul Train” line where one skates down the middle of two rows of kids, all egging each other on and screaming, the louder the BANG of skateboard hitting concrete. The noise was so far above and beyond the ambient neighborhood noise that we had to call police again. Officer Ramey responded to the call, but as she rolled up, they all scattered, running into the Skateboard Shop for “safety” or skating away, down Telegraph. She called and we chatted for a bit. I told her they’d be back as soon as she left, and sure enough, within 10 minutes of her leaving, the noise resumed again in front of the 510. One of the owners, Dandelion Bordow, was there all afternoon and did absolutely nothing to stop the racket of wood-smacking-concrete and shouting and the blocking of the pedestrian walkway and crosswalk by skaters using both the front of the store, the crosswalk in the street (!) and the Island Park as “their” skate-park. At its’ peak, there were easily over a dozen kids (all under 18, none wearing helmets) at the peak of rush hour traffic, making pedestrians have to walk out into the street to get around them, making cars screech to a stop as runaway boards went flying out into traffic as a kid fell off his board in mid-jump just INCHES from passing cars.

3p – 7p: MORE non-stop jumping and stomping. Same kids. Same spot. One kid isn’t even skating, just picking up his board and smashing it on the sidewalk OVER and OVER, like he’s trying to break it. NO ONE inside the 510 Skateboard Store is making any effort whatsoever to make the racket stop, even tho it’s inches from their doorway. Called the non-emergency number over an hour ago and no sign of police….and the noise has continued thru all of this as the kids continue to jump and stomp their boards, back and forth…and back and forth, hundreds of times, right in front of the store.

3p – 7p: More non-stop jumping and stomping. Same kids, give or take a few. Same spot. Called Officer Warren instead of the non-emergency number and we discussed it some more. Didn’t call the non-emergency number as i had dinner plans and had to leave for a couple hours.


3p – 7p: the same group of kids jumping/stomping in front of the 510 Skateboard Shop. Called police to stop the racket. An officer arrived, catching them in mid-jumping and screaming. As he got out of the car, they all ran INTO the Skateboard Shop. But the officer (dunno who, we didn’t have contact) followed them into the store, spent about 10 minutes or so talking to them (i assume). He hung around a bit and then left. AND THE KIDS WAITED 10 MINUTES AND STARTED AGAIN, as if they’d never been told to stop, completely ignoring the officer’s request. We recalled the police to see if we could get the same officer to come back….but by then, there’d been a shift change. So i called your office to leave you a message and Officer Warren answered the phone. Explained the problem to her and she was incredibly helpful and sympathetic. She said she’s going to speak to you about this recurring noise problem.


10:30am: jolted awake from the jumping/stomping skateboarders on the sidewalk in front of the store as they wait for the store to open at 11am.
12:30pm: MORE hammering out in front of the store at the curb under our windows as a customer is sent outside with hammer and nails to put together his skateboard.
3p – 7p: 4-6 kids jumping/stomping for hour after hour. Had to call police. Officer Salas arrived during a break in the noise, but we had contact and chatted about the problem. He said he’d return in a while to check up on the situation and speak to you about it.