chris and elise?

oh wait. there’s chris.

we got the album masterd at the lodge. they had a turtle

punching paavo

pat and kristen from vice redcords. she’s cool. i heard she quit though

we saw a pathetic drunken fight. then dustin dollin, bryan herman and spanky walked by. hannah yelled “we’re going to africa!!!!” it was cool.

chelsea girls. there was a lack of girls in the chelsea neigborhood…

product toss!!!!!1

blurry stockton

roughneck was in town

big O foods

somehow convinced this chick to pedal them to where the van was parked. i guess they switched half way and the she sat in the seat.

rough neck crew

we were on point with the sticker game…




i got this hat shot

got jerry hsu and rough-neck face

errol and johnny


almost got away..

this guy started yelling stuff so they thought it was him. thanks homie.

nick’s hat is dompierr than yours


screwboo is a gentlemen

cobra kook