i found a roll of film from my budwieswer camera so i took it to wallgreens 1 hr photo


todd bratrud art window

this is what me/the clothing store used to look like

mark in the dark

Holden blocking chubbs and evan

bob YEAH! and nathan porter BGPS

Chase lurking on the snacks

Ken Niggahara

I don’t know why we were here but i guess chris drove us there

You must be shrooming.

name that trick

Old York

wet bandits

Cameron came back for a day to go to mel’s with me and bob

Wener (Verner)

DP heard Werner slept on the cutting board sometimes.

had to get up at 5 to catch a flight. better get to sleep…

Kids love Pat Brown. He was nice enough to fly us to NY for the mastering of the new Morning Benders album!!!!! in stores march ’08!!!!!!!!11

no people

good flight.

Chelsea hotel was rad.


pat was thinking about toast

plus one office in brooklynnn



they deliver everything in NY

Pat and Brodsky. If you ever see pat at a bar ask him for a drink. Unless you want to make it home.

went to x games

who’s that?

oh whatup! long time.

attempt of sk8 photography.

craz lightning flashes

custom ny phone background. i left this phone in a cab the last day. funny story.

good eats

paavo called those photos “some art shit”.


he can fit cups in his mouth..

paavo + charlie = skin and bones. they m ake gangster beats.

met up with hoops to eat this

paavo is an interesting one. his mom was on shrooms while breast feeding him. i think that’s the best way to describe him.

went to blonde redhead pool party

the homie brodsky hooked us up with passes

brodsky threw the afterparty at union pool. FUN TIMES!!

i dont know who these guys were, but they rocked it!!

paavo approved

spider steez. a bunch of stein

stockton ollies from here

to here!

JK but he does have quite the steezy back shifty

looks like some sort of punk rock dance.

continued in PART DEUX

shred it

bob called me up to skate this morning..

which shirt should i wear?

QB came along and ripped it. i took this one too early…

smoother landing