I wake up to my cell phone every day. Alarm is set for 6:50AM.

heres adrienne still sleeping

I got this from a yardsale down the street for $10.

This is my Tony Stewart racing mug….got it on sale at Target for $4.

Out side my house.Ive been here for two years and three roomates and I might never leave.
everyday I forget where I parked my car.

There she is. This car is a huge piece of shit. Adriennes dad gave it to me and Ive been trying to run it into the ground.

People used to honk at me in traffic and I wouldnt know why so I’d flick them off. Turns out it was because my bumber was falling off. I dont have that problem anymore.

This dent is from a hit and run in hunters point. the other guys bumber, licsence plate included, flew off and we used it as evidence. It was a stolen car go figure.

Here is me, Geo, and Julien with our HP trophy.(the other guys bumber)

The same day the hit and run happened a different guy in broke into my car threw this little window the first time..this is the second time. I’ve learned its better to leave it broken. They know its already been hit.

Driving to meet my car pool in emeryville

Still driving.

Duane and Liz live in these yuppie things. I think they are pretty expensive

I found a used condom on the ground. Were still in the ghetto folks. This is right next to bordertown(lurkside).

When I bent over to shoot the condom I spilled my coffee on myself. At least it wasen’t cum.

heres Dwayne. He works at Slap. He told me to delete these pictures and I told him I would. Sorry.

Heres his wife Liz, shes british and works in our sales department. Her brother in law is Skin Phillips.

Here we go towards the toll plaza. Before I had a carpool I had to come up with schemes every morning to get to front of the fast track line. Im happy I dont have to do that shit anymore. Ive really moved up in life.

going through the tunnel

nick was outside smoking.

Our new location is so sick. It feels like an actual job and not a gnarly tree house. Our old building is condemned.

weird hand clock-in device.

this is a great way to get/give diseases.

This is the art room. Its always trashed.

things that are lame go on my “wall of shame” They stay up for approx. 1 month. and then I archive them.

The ware house made these for our art director Mike Novak. Beards are everywhere.
This is like 10 feet tall Dennis McNatt print..pretty cool.

This is my cubicle zone.

Legworld is a foot fetish magazine that I found.


Devon Blood is my sisters old boyfriend. I lived with the two of them when I first moved out here.

Heres the skateboard we did for him in this months Lowcard ad. I was happy I could help.
Heres Weng the Janitor. I cant understand a word he says.

Heres my desktop at the beginning of the day. Im always early.

I listen to Pentagram all the way though. Always. That should take up a couple hours.
Now its Samhain time

Sometimes I put my name on boards to make me feel better about my impotent skate career. Its actually quite sad.

Some days Im tired. I try to either drink coffee or take drugs but not at the same time. Unless I feel like it.

Jasin has a beard

Lisa got mad at me for trying to shoot photos of here. Gotcha.


Alden harshing my mellow.

I bet you dont have a 70-year old Chinese man to dust your printer. THATS BALLER SHIT!
Biggs speaks his own language…Crunch it.
Ald. and P. Ram gettin some lunch.

Then we watched get familiar in the Team office…Im sick of taking pictures.

4:20. Time to get out of here.

Going home
The tunnel the other way. Another one down. 🙂

Adrienne made food. I dont know what it was.