A group of Chileans took off to California on motorcycles in the 1960s. The next year they returned to this peninsula and introduced surfing to Chile.

La Madriguera

Zoe made friends with our neighborhood street cleaner’s rabbit.

Protests are a common in Santiago. NYT Magazine has an article that gives a good rundown on what they’re all about. Though the hook of their story is the “world’s most glamourous revolutionary”, it’s interesting to see the effect—I’m guessing—she’s had in prompting other younger women to take a lead in the movements.

Went to India for a minute.

Number one goal here: Become official presidential photographer.

This story has made some headlines in the States. Daniel Zamudio was attacked by a gang of self-described neo-Nazis, who cut his ear off and carved swastikas into his arms. A large candlelight vigil took place a couple days before his death. Here his parents place candles at the spot where Daniel was found.

Outside the hospital, a few hours after Daniel passed.

On a lighter note…rodeo.