I think it was Alex Klein who told me that talking to a dog is weird. Talking, maybe. Whispering, definitely. But sometimes the dog is the only living being I see for a 10 hour stretch of time and sometimes I’ll try to engage her in not so intellectual convo:
If I come downstairs and I find her on asleep on the couch, I’ll say, “Wake up!”
Same scenario, but she’s awake and staring at the wall, I’ll say, “What are you doing?”
When I get off the phone with Bryan, sometimes I’ll turn to her if she’s near, and relay what he told me: Like how he pooped his pants standing outside the TRL studios in hopes of getting Carson Daly’s autograph.
Things like that. It may be weird, but I used to play a game that involved my friend Wright bringing out the phone book to recite area codes while I guessed where they belong. For example, he would say “214” and I would answer “Dallas!”