It’s hard to know what the restaurant scene is like because being a Michelin star restaurant means that you don’t actually get to eat a meal for less than 125€. And this city has the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in the world.
I will probably try to eat at 1-2 places before I leave. Until then, the produce and pintxos scene is pretty dank.





I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate all my interests into a single narrative. I think that’s another reason why I have returned to lovebryan. In recent years- and my personal blogger site functioned as repositories for specialized information.
It is my hope that I may synthesize my experiences and draw some meaning out of the depth and breadth of my privileged life.
Yesterday was my first post in 5 years.
For now, I will stick to my European Decompression trip but hopefully find time to review that half decade and make some sense of it.