Morning Noodles

lunch and dinner whisky

Filial Piety in Shantou. (Great Grandfather 28th generation of Chen in Shantou, China. (600+ years!!!)

Family Heirloom

Uncle 18 in the house his father (my great grandfather) built in the 30’s. LAter to be taken over by Japanese then used by squatters.


on the train from Guangzhou to HK

In the park of retired military equipment… Whatever these are, I like them.

Me and Ba out to expensive lunch for Father’s day/my birthday.

With all the other foreigners at the beach.

Our Site- work done by New Nairobi Dam Group- used to be a flood plain- but community Dug a 500 m drainage ditch, built 100 m gabion to create one of the only open spaces in all of kibera right by the dam. Kibera is denselly packed with Mud and Waddle houses, people, dogs, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, and streams of human shit. we are working on a playground and a toilet block design.