I went to Maracuja Bar for a surprise Bday Party.

Somebody Turned a Quarter of a Century Old!

Obviously, Bryan loves surprises and was having a good time. To be totally honest- I was surprised too because I arrived at the bar at 10pm as directed and there was literally TWO PEOPLE at the bar. I asked the bartender “IS there a surprise birthday here tonight?” and those two lonesome souls were like “That’s us…”
So I was pretty convinced that Bryan really didn’t have any friends in New York. Turns out he has many, they are all just really really not punctual.

Presents/dinner. Somebody forgot to tell that person that Bryan’s Vegan.

Friday the 13th party at Sarah’s house. Sexy Ho.

Hella Hos.

More sexy hos. Alexi was comforting rayna after she got mugged in Bedstuy leaving the Abi Yo yos show.

sexy ho sweaty whale sexy ho

Derek and I went to the PS-1 Warm up thing.

It was made out of telephone poles and custom wind-sails. Derek said it was like a MCDonald’s Playground.

Then we went inside to see the art. Derek called this a Marc Jacobs window display.

Kari came and visited me. We shopped, we gorged ourselves on delicious food, we gossiped, it ruled. Sexy ho for sure.

Andrew Porter (aka Master Inventor of catch phrases) got a chocodip too. He is somewhere between sexy ho and sweaty whale depending on the angle of the light.

The Love of my Life. Utz Cheez Balls.

Sexy hos.

Kari, Kyle, and I made a chocolate run. Kari’s waving to some dude. Sexy hos.

My studio space.

The svbway is great. it’s svper qvick and easy. I really don’t vnderstand how anybody wovld vse anything else to get arovnd.

Columbus Park, child endangerment. Although this time i felt that it would be unwise to yell “oh my god you’re going to kill your baby.

But also hand holding.

Studio mates.

A hearse knocked this over.

one of these i think.

Then I saw this crazy line on the way back to studio- all these people were in line for a bus to JFK. But they were definitely all Senegalese men and Chinese Women. This made me curious to know more- there will be more investigation into this matter.

Come visit me.