Back Log Log Jam

1. Houston is no longer in Brazil. He’s in Austin, in FULL TEXAN MODE. He called and yelled at me for fifteen minutes. When I asked if he was drunk, he said, “Not only am I drunk, I’m in FULL TEXAS MODE. We’ve been doing some fucking manly shit! I defended a woman’s honor tonight. Twice last night.” (ETC>
2. He’s coming to the bay area in two weeks. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD
3. Here’s some pictures from recent months Adri took and nick took one:

New Years with my Drunk Adri and SF Company, I wasn’t there- but she let me use this picture because I like it.

This one too. Man, fun is great.

We came back from winter break to find our whole house molding.

Mmmm. Where’s Bryan? Is he hungry?

Bob took us to Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe. It was great hanging out with Luke Perry. Happy 21st Birthday Bro.

Okay HOW CUTE IS CHELSEA. She’s trying on my new old timey shoes that I bought when I got mad at Pat.

Saturday we went to Ferry’s Farmer’s market. Whooooooooooo

Nick loves food!

People came over and we played some Street Fighter II. I have a huge boner for Ryu. Hadouken me anytime baby.

Bryan took some band photos of us. I hope he posts them!!! It was for a fictional band that we invented that was inspired by watching the CSS “Let’s Make love and listen to Death from Above” video 10 times in one day.
See Here:

Androgenous hipster boner hottttnessssssss.

kicking it in spats. I tried to fix my bangs let’s not talk about it.

Telephone Tops!




East Austin rules. So does Brooklyn.
Luisa and Pedro, Patrick’s niece and Nephew (Sp?), and I became very close. We did Oompa Loompa dancing, saw DEEP SEA3d narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet at the Texas Capital Museum IMAX. Texas is obsessed with Texas, Texas Stars, Mexico, and America.
Luisa regularly believes that she IS a horse. Whose name is black Beau-tay. And you HAVE to say it like that or she won’t respond. But even then, you’ll be like “Luisa, do you want to eat some crackers?” and She’ll be all “neiiighh.” (which is yes, or no, or maybe. you’re never sure).
It was basically amazing and I have pictures from New York but those are for later. It’s heavy!
All these pictures are from Patrick’s dad’s camera that he let me use:

we went for a walk. Me and Pat and my caboose.

Skylines there are low but stunning. But not quite as stunning as pat’s Mall Metal Beard. Which he later shaved because Arsenal beat Liverpool thank god.

Pat’s sister lives in East Austin. Do you like to ride dangerously?! Bryan needs these handlebars this for his fixie baaad.

many of the houses looked like this and sold knick knacks and pinatas.

Susan, Joe, and Patrick. The Higgs are always keeping it real

Austin- it’s Juan in a million dudes.

We should all prolly move to Austin.