mom’s side of the family

sis-ham, broham, me

all the dogs had holiday outfits on

Self Control 0 – Hallie 1

So. I was supposed to be working on two papers, a group project, and my thesis. Of which I did NONE last night.
Instead, I hung out with friends I had not seen in a long time (Jack, Jim, Pabst…Red Red Wine.. fuck.. Gin…), grinded up on some bitches, close-mouthed kissed a shitload of people, and only have a lot of way too close up shots to remember it by. All catalyzed by dressing up and losing my fake louis vutton fanny pack. And I was wearing the dress I got to wear at Patrick’s birthday party and everybody kept telling me that I looked all pretty.

The plan was to visit Bianca at the Shattuck Down Low, then stop by Cameron’s to say hi, and then fucking bounce home to sleep and write.

Clearly, that did not happen.

Eat your heart out American Apparel.

Me: “Has Emmy ever body rolled on you?”
Adri: “Does it look like I’ve orgasmed 10 times in a row?”


Carribean Feast at the Shattuck Down Low. Bianca put it on goood.

Post Keg Stand Cameron

He Fillz dee Beerkup.

We love to party.

Nicole..adsfj;iaejwn … Wojtal…ahshsdfniikhnto ;otoieitjtbrkdfiuv

Really Pretty Ladeez.

Rachael wanted to make out. She lost her phone. If you found it. Give it to her. It’s gray.

Double Chin and Alex Melamed, who is moving to India. Don’t go Alex.

Sam was there. She is also at the Elephant Pharmacy sometimes.

Laney is the best.

Myspacee whadddupp. I yelled that out loud when elaine was taking this picture. Then this dude was like “Oh are you a myspace whore?” And I was like “Fuck you…
I’m an everything whore.” Which is not true. Why would I say that?

My tongue looks diseased next to Adri’s HOT FACE. (check out bryan kreeping)

Bryan looks GOOOOD. I look a lil greasy

Boob Shot.

Matt (?) Brother and Bryan’s Beard are friends. I wish I had taken a picture of Nikola’s mustache.

Dusty. He made me hit my head on a wall right after this picture.

Failed Attempt

Successful attempt.

Andy Hallgood. Good guy.

Logan’s shoulder, Alex, and her homie Kirin from Massachusetts

Making music

Adrienne DJs hella good.

Finnegan got a haircut. Her eyes are fucking piercing.

Kibbles and bits.

Julian. I probly told four people that I had tried to statutory rape him before he turned 18 just so I could say on job applications when they ask “have you ever been convicted of any crimes?” I could just write “RAPIST”

To the library!

dream lover

nuff said