A few weeks ago before new york- i used a disposable to take some snapshots. For some reason I’m weaaring the same outfit even though they were distinct days and events. whoops.

Try to keep this HOT image of me in your head and superimpose it in the next few photos. It’s pretty embarassing how bad I can look.

Waitress number one at Asia Sf. WHooowhee

This is me and my sister. She turned 16. I mean 27. But she looks 21 doesn’t she? She’s hecka hot.

And happy on her birfday.

We were pretty happy to watch our cocktail waitress perform to Britney Spears.

You can’t buy thights like that. Dag.

Some performers were better than others.

This was our other waitress. We told her she looked just like Nicole from the pussycat dolls and she got helluv embarassed.

The food was oout of control delicious.

My sister and geraldine have been friends since babyhood. wild.

We were supposed to go clubbing after dinner, but i in spite of beautiful and talented transvestites, Adri and I got too nerdy to stay out and went home to cuddle.

The next day bob and I went grocery shopping before our study sesh.

He tried to play my harp.

Then several hours later we convened at the Rentals house on McGee to get the car and john and dusty and go to the city. John P and Bob Rode their bikes. Fucking geared up!

We saw lots of our friends there. AK’s face, Bryan and Emmy are my favorite parts of this photo.

I wanted to be a statutory rapist my whole life.

I let van borrow the grizz.

More Proof.

More Proof.

but AK has his eye on another. the most manliest unstoppable of them all…

SEAL IT WITH A KISS (from rachael and cary. they will both kiss you.)


Brooklyn Fell

So four midterms in three days, no social life, no camera, and a lover on the opposite coast means Hallie had a really really really really good time in New york.
As some of you may know, I’ve been working out and trying a new nutrition regimen.

How did I do on my five day vacation?

well! I had beer, dark alcohol, chips everday, burgers that made my blood feel like molasses, at least 5 slices of pizza, Utz cheez balls, french fries, bagel, cheese, top shelf whiskey, a fair amount of biological material, ribs and shrimp, delivery at 2am, and barely anything the color green. Except the celery stick in my bloody mary in the morning.

It was patrick’s birthday present and boy… I need to move there immediately.

22! and so emo

Boys bustling in the kitchen for Pat’s dinner- Elliot and Alexander top chefs

I think patrick took this picture of my legs.

Happy Birthday handsome devil! (I got him that hat.)

Ivy was going for the norwegian Wood nymph look with a mouth full of cheese. Hot.

Stinkface Adam P. will fucking fuck shit up, see that salad? That salad got fucked up.

Max and Rayna went to SF Day together.

Somebody left benny alone with the camera.

So attractive.

Not to worry, the butts are just props. Smoking kills.

But not as much as Gina’s panties! HA!
(My girls and I reunited for the first time in a year. Whoa.)

Erriot Rogan Naidus. Science Guy, Fungi, Generally best dude on the planet.

Tiger Sweater!

This is either pre-or post Metallica Black Sabbath air guitar headbanging party that made me unable to move my neck for two days. We were having fun!

This is Clem’s

Jeremy, Gina, Renee. These are some amazing people.

This is an Amazing Man, a Guiness, and a Me.

This is Robyn Cleveland, best bartender in Brooklyn. He is my friend and he is great.

He really knows how to charm ’em.

HAving a friend as a bartender puts everybody in a really good mood, especially with Cap’n jazz, modest mouse, and all the hits of the early 00’s on the stereo.

HAve you ever seen happier people?

“She is so beautiful it’s disgusting. I hate Renee” -Bianca

Serriously guys.


This is Jeremy, Gina’s “Old ball and Chain” He has a pitbull names ally with green eyes and he is the nicest! He is amazing. Score for Gina.

Yes it was that kind of night.

Ran into Sarah and Aziquay. He had half a chicken and fries and a good sense of humor.

She had a High Life 40 and the Charm of a Princess.

I love her.

Somebody threw some eggs.

There was mold growing in a window.

It made us want to rock out.

Like this.

Gina started doing this for no particular reason.

Pat liked the light from this bus stop. It was perfect.

I liked the light in front of the port-o-potty.

Fuckin hell yeah.
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New York was Perfect.