deep seated issues

I kind of always thought it was deep-seeded. But I guess that doesn’t make totaly sense. Or does it?

Two new Bfs in my life

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and one spanking hot friend on the east coast

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my sisters dogs halloween costume


Bryan, Nicet job linking your own blog from the flashpage so everybody has to see it so you could get your blog count up! TRICKY BASTARD!
Watch out or i’ll publish your itunes playcount for Shania Twain’s “I feel Like a woman.”

I always deliver.
It was adri’s 21st birthday. We surprised her at hooters fisherman wharf because she originally wanted to go to Las Vegas but money don’t grow on trees. Then we went to some bars.
We went to beauty bar but apparently it was a special event night called “You are from orange county and 40+!” TOTTALLY WHACK. then delerium was too crowded. So we settled on Skylark for some hip hop, thugs, and yuppies. It was a good decision, thanks renee.
But FUCK YOU HOOTERS. I think 50% of us threw up later that night and lemme tell you it wadn’t frum da drinkin. Although I was speaking fluently in Spanish. Damn Hot wings..
Thanks for letting me use your camera bryan.

21 and totally fab! with the ever popular Bianca

Lisaa it was not your birthdayyyy not Happpy birthday Lisaaa. Renee came and she ruined the surprise actually because she was late and ran into nick and adri in fishermans’ wharf.

Marion/Bjork was here visiting from Paris before she goes to NYC to study English. Mondo Babe.


Bryan and I wanted to do a photobooth but they didn’t have one. this is what it would have looked like if they did. 1.



(that would have made more sense but i’m not allowed to put captions above the photos because Bryan wants this to be a real Magazine. PSshhh)

Birthday girl. Some dude.

Renee is real purdy

Me on the other hand.. I need a bit o’ help.



That’s all I took with B’s Camera. Bummer.