Ah, the good ol salt fields.. that’s when you know you’re home

Also eating Osaka with Alexander is a good indicator

I met up with my dad for lunch at Rocco’s on Folsom. He is where I get all my hip riding style

Dinner at Tartine with Pat and Derek. It is like every girl’s fantasy

Oh wait, actually this is.

Derek really likes the Live in Japan album. I don’t blame him. We all love lying face down in our beds listening to some records for days at a time.

RJ was around for like 10 minutes before he took off for the AIDS ride to LA. He’s probably in San Luis Obispo right about now.

We made sure to eat some Arizmendi before he bounced though.

A Dog!

!!! This dog really really really didn’t like Patrick. He was literally found in the dumpster of a Taco Bell. True Story.

Champ was the friendlier heftier one. Chloe called him the widest dog she’d ever seen.

She and Ashley made it out to the city for some partytime. Chloe is a model. And she charmed the pants off about 5 dudes in ten minutes.


Next day after work Patrick made me dinner- I was drunk off wine because Beirus at the corner store had me drink a bottle with him while I waited to get picked up.

The backyard is magical in the evening.

What is beyond that fog?

Um… yeah.

Don’t forget to come to my birthday party this Friday!!!!! June 9th, 730 PM at BALAZO. 17th and Mission. Animal, the Morning Benders, Best Friends.