It’s been a rough week for me. Semester is winding down, I’m ovulating and alone. It’s hard going to class and working your brain muscle so hard, thinking critically, analyzing every aspect of the males in your class from their hairline, accessory choices, bags, to their shoes, hands, shoe size, hand size and then trying to make eye contact to see if any of the ones worth sleeping with are even about to give you the hairy eyeball.

Luckily, there are mountains of reading, papers, preparations for Earth Week and delicious meals to be had. I found a little time to get out. but barely.

Adri has been shopping.

AK and I went to radio for the owner’s wife’s Bday bash. $PBR and $4Jameson!

THERE WAS A POGO STRIPPER. This was not helping my state of mind.

Pat Benetar’s Heartbreaker.
That’s the bday girl on the left. She’s faking the surprise- i heard they do this every year.

There was hekka glitter stuck to his butt.

Dorian and I are twinsies. Except he’s a guy.

AK has that look in his eye. Like he’s a homosexual. (somebody has to be made fun of while Bryan is gone)


“You think you’re horny. I had to take the batteries out of my TV remote today” -Anonymous

So we were persuaded to go to a party at 30th and MLK and while the female stock was high- the male stock was hard to distinguish because everybody’s pants were so goddam tight.

like this guy’s. Seriously.