The most bromantic Valentine’s day ever. PBR, Jim Beam, Burping. WITH A FRIEND. No roses except from cameron. no love except from my mom and dad.
I woke up valentines morning to find this in my kitchen:

Bryan made me take one down.


But then phil told us about his date the night before, and how he spent approximately four hours attempting to hold this girl’s hand. And he succeeded. He showed us- first they held hands like this:

But then their hands started to get sweaty. So he just held her thumb. what a gent

On Saturday, Tomio cooked Bob and I the nicest dinner anybody’s ever cooked me. Marinated Fried Shrimp, caviar crostini, Crabcakes with Chipotle Aioli, homemade gnocchi. Fuck it was scrumptious.

Tomio is in love with Bob and me I think.

Here is the pooh on my phone.