You can dance if you want to

Chloe and Marcy’s Blog got started. It’s the funniest blog ever. Your sides will be in stitches and your vagina will be moist cuz they are hot. NIICCCEEE

My favorite things all in one place- boobies, and pizza and being naked in water.

Are you serious? British people are HIL-ARIOUS

Liz wanted to smell nice forever and thought if she ate the conditioner…

Melon looks ripe to me

Biking home from school is fucking emotional.

Being John Porter.

It is kind of scary.

Julian meat paws the beer. The only real mannish way to drink.

Meat Paw II

Adrienne plugs Bob

Shit gets wild. Statutory rape bitches.

This Corgy was making my day good before work.

80’s aerobic bike, presented my Marvic

Aya stopped by the shop to check out some Vans. She is the most precious piece of baby I’ve ever seen.

Then this other baby one upped her with his sweet squirrel shoes.

21 and still nerding out. Funtime is actually a chatroom. All their screen names are on the back of these shirts. NERD ALERT.

I bought Chris the same shoes as me for his birthday. Then tried to recreate what Jay did when He bought me the same shoes as him. Nothing original has ever come from me. Except for that poop this morning. Man, it was unique.

Marvic is the pitcher and Van is the catcher. If ya know what I mean.


We woke up like this. Naira, my humps, Cameron, Laney


Nikola’s wisdom teef are out, trying to figure out what to eat.


FRANK AS FUCK and friends. Chelsuck is gone so i never get to see these dudes anymore- but maybe that can change. *ahem 415 218 8872

It did get better.

probly don’t want to wear this expression forever. but i do..

Jeremy took me to cafe Gratitude for lunch. He scared the rest of the people in the restaurant.

Hippies are kind of depressing.

we ran into chloe and marci. it is a race to see who can blog it first.

overall, it was sunny and nice out. I ate a chocolate milkshake and a caesar salad and quinoa with pesto, tomatoes, and sprouts and guac and Jeremy and I are friends again. Even though he is kind of creepy and old and think I hate him. It was great because we got back to the car and there was poop on the winshield.

ready to study


not only is my phone on silent. it is off. and nobody knows where it is. and i’m going to shit my pants. because i just got it. had my sheep pooh on it and everything. bummer!

I look bummed. Procrastinating for my paper, lost my phone, smooshed heart…

what am I going to do when this guy leaves? my room will be so much better smelling. but lonelier.

at least Tomio bought me this clock. It’s actually a Spirit of St. Louis Airfield wall clock that tells you time temperature and humidity.

i know, right?
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This guy.

Chris Chu’s friends from LA came to visit- it was a splendid 2 days. They really know how to make a girl really angry.

Matt of the gayness Wiley of the statutory rape Me Taylor of the hairy chest

Febrary 18

My dog makes a cute face

Ready for
Bryan put my pink shirt on.

But then he tried to hide from the camera. So all I got was the elbow. Looks like an elephant’s weenis


Rossi Posse

Wednesday night

The most bromantic Valentine’s day ever. PBR, Jim Beam, Burping. WITH A FRIEND. No roses except from cameron. no love except from my mom and dad.
I woke up valentines morning to find this in my kitchen:

Bryan made me take one down.


But then phil told us about his date the night before, and how he spent approximately four hours attempting to hold this girl’s hand. And he succeeded. He showed us- first they held hands like this:

But then their hands started to get sweaty. So he just held her thumb. what a gent

On Saturday, Tomio cooked Bob and I the nicest dinner anybody’s ever cooked me. Marinated Fried Shrimp, caviar crostini, Crabcakes with Chipotle Aioli, homemade gnocchi. Fuck it was scrumptious.

Tomio is in love with Bob and me I think.

Here is the pooh on my phone.

A blog of my own

Me and Leah

Life has thrown me some mothereffing lemons this month. Consequently, I hope to make some refreshing ass lemonade blog entries. For your enjoyment and my mental stability. This better make me famous.