Dirty man on bench reading newspaper thinks of women, urination

Need a stopping place. A stop. To breathe, everything human needs to breathe. A glance up at the girls, eager (patiently) for a look but not a return smile. Except the very young. Not schooled enough in pretentious straight-looking. Just a smile, sweetheart, leave your clothes on and keep your feet a-stride stride striding. A breath, sleep. Wake up and pee now or one more shut-eye stint. A hard decision, could take a half hour of rolling over. A hard decision until it’s made. Wake up drenched or make the foggy walk.


Young man sits in bar drinking Coca Cola and considers himelf a polluted stream

Lust is alcoholism. Love a meal. Lambshanks. Lust is. She fucked like a champion. She had eyes like yours. She is running water. Eyes I don’t know. She squints like you. She laughs. Meet me for a drink–I promise I’ll be awkward. Lust is nicotine. Smoke. I need yellow teeth. The smell won’t come out until the skin sloughs off of my fingers. I’ll give you 10,000 dollars to. Love is lung cancer. Beautiful. And if the doctors in labs cure it. Internet porn. White coated cure. My liver beats for you. You are my blood soaked. Wind swept. Tear stained, collar bone. You are eye contact. Look down. Look down. Fill with winter smoke. If god is a rock, you are a timepiece. Tick Tock goes the rock. I am the city bound maple. Stretching the fences and staining the sidewalk. Lust is a seedless grape. God, what a concept. A seedless grape and an athlete. Are we all so useless. With what do you sew seedless athletes? Patience is so far from a rock. God waits for no seedless grape sewers.


But then the allusion is lost

Clumsy are the words from my mouth. Blitz poetry. Hang my queens. Qs like 2s. 2ueens in cursive. Piss stained orator. Consciousness could be a euphemism–I am out of ink.