The Glow


I’m supposed to write a song for my brother’s new band (sick). This one was supposed to be about Genesis (bible) and something about a sunrise. But it turns out it’s actually about video games (fuck). That happens sometimes. Anyway, it’s not the epic metal song it’s supposed to be, so now it’s videogame fragment/internet fodder.

in the beginning
god was a lawyer
atari, nintendo, genesis
we played sonic until the sun woke
up your older sister

first the rock, then the water
obsidian and salt water
mud under my fingernails
sweaty palmed contra
god was a lawyer playing
mortal combat with insurance companies

permits for the garden of eden
malpractice lawsuits for milenia

yoshi eating apples in the garden of eden
we fell from the grace of our playstations
for sex and it was worth it

for three days we ate acid and played pitfall
on the fourth day we emerged
and the valleys had been scratched into the obsidian

i scrambled the starfighters
blasted through the canyans
sold out my rabbit wingman
for a birthright

on the fifth day I beat megaman
god did the poison arrow frog
the redwood and special relativity

on the sixth, he married general relativity
and quantum electrodynamics
i forgot to save before a capri-sun break
and lost six hours of zelda gameplay

can neglect of childhood videogames really be an analogue to man’s original fall from grace? could you survive three days of acid and pitfall or would the crocodiles/scorpion pit/endless loop just fuck your head right into the carpet? the rabbit and eagle and frog never did shit for you in starfox, so why suffer wing dammage to save their asses if you can get twin blasters instead? can inconsistencies between major areas of physics be attributed to poor intelligent design or should i have just remembered to save (hate the player v. hate the game)?

thesis: I don’t think metal or hardcore (or lovebryan 🙁 ) are ready to answer these important questions.