my mom knows a guy from the oakland zoo, which is pretty radical to say the least–we got a full on behind the scenes roll through. i should have brought a proper camera, but the treo shit is just going to have to do. the zoo been totally redone over the last few years. they’ve been taking out cages and putting in more cushy habitat type exibits. he says a lot of the animals could get out if they wanted to, but (for the most part) they stay put. we fed the giraffes, which is insane. they’re like big dogs with foot long tongues. the river otters are pretty rad also. they have to put goldfish in alhambra bottles so the otters don’t get bored and go all OCD like the sunbears in portland. the alligators are sort of frighteningly close to the railings. one of them had a stump instead of a right hand, which apparently came from a deep puncture wound and a later amputation. i’m starting this internet job tomorrow, but i should have applied at the zoo. you should all go. it’s movie priced but parking is $6 so carpool like a motherfucker. shit is tight.

you can take a crosstown bus if it’s raining or it’s cold, and the animals will love it if you do.

Upper left hand corner so stoked on his BGPs.