I just got back from a 24-hours-of-driving-for-60-hours-of-chilling trip to Portland. Things were crazy when I left Portland, and California was going to be a nice relaxing alternative. It has, instead, also been crazy. So to escape this I, of course, went back to Portland–to cure my California crazy (to swallow the fly). And OMFG DUSTY GUESS WHAT??!!11 It was still crazy in Portland. Maybe it was crazier. But I got to see some good people that I won’t see for a while and I got to make sure that the school knew that I was gone for a while and I got to get some of my motorcycle shit from my friend’s garage in Portland. Here are some more picture elements to illustrate this story and others.

If you’re ever 50 and going to craft stores too often, you might want to get checked out.

A fly on a post in my front yard.

It ain’t hip hop if no one’s getting a vanity license plate.

My brother’s cat, doing its best impression of him.

My mom hit the Royal–4000 pennies mother fuckers.

I got to hang out with Genevieve before I went to Portland. Super sweet.

View from her porch in Oakland.


My friend Gabby lived in a place called Millerama. I don’t know if this photo captures how amazing Millerama is. Wild turkeys walk through this little clearing every day.

When I got to Portland I went to buy fish with the xgf, Serene. Not pictured is the Albino Rainbow Shark they bought. Picture in your mind what an albino rainbow would look like. That’s what this shark looked like.

Elliot, Layla and Gabby (respectively), moved into a really nice new place within a few hours of being in town. The walls are red.

When you read lovebryan all day, you don’t have to worry about avalanches of books falling when you want one near the bottom–because you don’t read books, you only read lovebryan. Layla, on the other hand, has no gag reflex, no time to read lovebryan and I guess has something worked out with friction to keep Ender in the cubby while she’s pulling Nabokov.