SPECIES: Psilocybe Caerulescens: These mushrooms went from hanging with their family members to being consumed by a shaman’s family members. In Huautla De Jimenez Mexico, their healing powers are believed to be more beneficial than modern medicine.


Protector of the magic mushroom farm. Not the woman, the dog.


A Mazatec Mushroom cultivator.


They were set out to dry before heading into town to be sold.


This photo was heavily photoshopped and became the digital poster of the Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia TV show.


SIDE NOTE: This mushroom town was also known for spelunking. mushrooms-800-3-of-46The Shaman works with the mushrooms that we gathered. His name is Filigonio, grandson of the famous shamaness, Maria Sabina.


The alter is where the mushrooms are hidden from bad spirits within giant green leaves and before they are consumed they are spiritually cleansed by copal.


The shaman’s wife used mushrooms to heal her vision, and her son used them to cure his obsession with local cane sugar moonshine. mushrooms-800-45-of-46

A wooden Jesus oversaw the ceremony along with my clamp light and Kevin Hayden’s LED. Spirituality and cinematography become one.

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