Bryan Derballa, CEO of Love Bryan Enterprises

This year, Bryan Derballa, the CEO of Lovebryan Enterprises, awarded me with a full time blogging position and the chance to shoot at this years Company Blow Out Party.  It was a huge honor and I said yes to the event but I had to turn down the full time position. There were no health benefits discussed or vacation days. Not even a 401 K Retirement Plan. Anyways, here are some photos from the company party.

PATTI'S ART--14440008

Patti Mera of Human Resources also likes animal resources.


Allen Ying, Intern Recruiter.


Left :DB, CEO    Right: Sade, Fashion Editor.


Cameron, Chief Operating Officer on a hot date.

PATTI'S ART--14440006

Rubert, actually a competitor of the company. Possibly a spy.

PATTI'S ART--14440010

To the left we have our Sales Rep Associate.

PATTI'S ART--14440012

Allen hired the new intern.

PATTI'S ART--14440016

Then he grabbed my camera and took this photo. He was waisted.

PATTI'S ART--14440013

Newest Staff member Andrew White. He hasn’t signed any contracts yet so we had to blur this one. He said he’s down though.

PATTI'S ART--14440019

These are the company PA’s for the winter semester. They don’t get paid but they get credits for middle school or something. They work Monday-Sunday 9am-5am.

PATTI'S ART--14440020

View of the Technical Support office top right. They weren’t invited actually.

PATTI'S ART--14440023

PATTI'S ART--14440031

Phil Montgomery handles the Associates Studio office as a lab assistant. Mostly blemish removal type post work.

PATTI'S ART--14440024


PATTI'S ART--14440029

We had to remind these two about the company ink.

PATTI'S ART--14440033

Patti wears multiple hats in the company. She also takes out the company trash after parties.

PATTI'S ART--14440034

Then she trash talks about everyone.

PATTI'S ART--14440037

Annalise: Vice President. She makes all the company speeches. This is when she said  “Happy New Years from Lovebryan Enterprizes.”

We were all very moved.