zine pics-4

It was time to jump. It was time to swim.

zine pics-5

It was time to look where the future and past haven’t yet been.

zine pics-8

It was time to return.

zine pics-12

To how we were born.

zine pics-17

We unmounted our robes and the cotton was torn.

zine pics-28

It was time to jump.

zine pics-30

Where no one has ventured.

zine pics-31

Soaked in bubbles with oxygen centers.

zine pics-34

It is time to get deep.

zine pics-36

Far beyond shallow.

zine pics-37

When gravity is off duty, we fly away from the gallows.

zine pics-40

zine pics-41

It is time to jump.

zine pics-42

Don’t lie there in fear.

zine pics-44

Unless your lying in a tub of a water falls tears.

zine pics-50

It’s time to jump.

zine pics-51

Just go for the leap.

zine pics-54

It’s the easiest way down.

zine pics-55

The rocks are too steep.

zine pics-56

zine pics-67

It’s time to jump.

zine pics-57

A personal challenge.

zine pics-59

To spread your wings.

zine pics-64

Flying through thousands of gallons.

zine pics-63

It’s time to jump.

zine pics-65

It happens in a flash.

zine pics-66

But there is a special moment in time, right before the splash.

zine pics-70

It’s time to dance now.