A month ago I started working on a project about my friend Dashaun Evisu, a Vogue Ball Room MC and Vogue Fem dancer. I was quickly thrown into the vogue scene, going to gay bars where the vogue balls went down, and I got enthralled in the vibrant history. I became obsessed and wanted to know everything. I watched Paris is Burning and only found myself getting more and more into it. Now I’m a dancer who wins every competition in NYC. JK, you thought that is where this story was going though, right? RIGHT? I wish. The dance is incredibly hard to do. Way more than putting frames around your face with your hands at different angles like Mandonna. I tried a few moves on my hard wood floor which led to arm pain, and then a few dips on my bed, which led to back pain. I told Dashaun I have been trying to dip and that maybe I can help him out at his dance class and he said, “Danilo, Oh my god, Noooooo, your gonna break your neck,” and he began to laugh. Maybe I won’t be a vogue dancer, or vogue expert, but I made a short film that will maybe inspire you to give it a shot.

And here are some pictures I took during the shoot.