Try and make some story out of looking at these pictures and in your comment tell me what that story was so I can steal it and use it as my caption for this photo blog entry. Winner gets a your story in my caption. That’s like…SUPER AWESOME FOR YOU. So give me your best go. Disassemble the story. And….GO!










I went on a trip to Poland recently to document the behind the scenes of a film being made there. I went from Greenpoint, Brookyln, where I live, to the real deal, and it was interesting to see the similarities and differences. It was a awesome time because of how beautiful the small town we were filming in was. Plus the catering was off the chain. I never knew how much I liked Polish food. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

A man peels potatoes outside the bar bus catering vehicle.


The director of the film. Jan Kwiecinski.


I had a fun time making friends with this actor in particular. He was super funny and always down to be in front of the camera.



All of a sudden this majestical horse came trotting through the set being guided by this big bellied polish man. I found out later the horse was for the film, but it was funny how the bellied man took the horse to and fro.