First mission to knowing a Canada is to penetrate it’s boarders.

Then go where they go and strike up some small talk.

Buy the records that they listen to. Braids, Boards of Canada, etc…

Show them that we come in peace.

Laugh with them.

Watch them. See how they move. How they talk to one another.

To know Canada is to know Canada’s finest.

The effects of Canada’s finest.

This girl on the right danced with me. Then danced with some other guy who grabbed her butt. Then made out with some other guy. Then came back and tried to dance again. But I didn’t care…know why….

…because I was also feeling the effects of Canada’s finest.

Yeah now your pretty much in. You pretty much know a Canada now.

Still feeling puzzled? Yeah, it’s ok at this stage.

Just look cool and you will be fine.

If you fear sticking out too much. Turn to their channel. Slap on a flannel.

Canadian’s love control.

Canada can be a lonely place. Thats why they have ice cream socials.

And coffee socials.

And internet socials. Wait…that’s not very social. Or is it?

The customs agent asked if I had been close to any animals in Canada. Only this little guy. But he was more of a friend than an animal so I didn’t mention him.

I’ll miss you.

We filmed the sphere from that movie “Sphere.”

Sometimes I Peep harder than Tom.

Matt found his reflection in the parallel universe of Canada.

To know a Canada is to be a Canada. That is the answer.