My HooD-My HoMies

Night at the Subway Museum

I finally went to the Subway Museum in NY. It was awesome to see the old trains like the ones from the movie “The Warriors,” and way older ones than that. I did a fashion shoot type thing that my friend Abdoul Diallo styled. Then I hung out with some other new homies who you will see as well.

me sleeping.

Matt Jacoby: AKA

Matt again!

Craig Murphy’s B day. We had a Craig type conversation in front of his bike that he would have loved to be apart of.

John Hoyos!

The Boogie and the Beachie

I went to the beach where Williamsburg meets the Ocean…well not really, but kinda. I hadn’t been to the beach all summer and I finally got to use my boogie board that I have had in storage since the winter when I found it on the street covered in snow. The initial plan for the boogie board was that it would make a nice sled in the winter time. (That will probably be another post in four months from now.) But this time I got to use the board in the sea…where it’s suppose to be. I also brought this camera Bnels let me use which takes half frames on 35mm film. So you get like 70 pics. But here are only a few of those:

Bye bi Birdie!