There were no dinosaurs bones coming to life, or anything like that, but I premiered my film, and Kalaparusha played his saxophone, and my good friends came out to eat the delicious catering. Here are some pictures from this successful event. (First ones are from our very own Bryan Derballa.)

Kalaparusha, the star of the film, was in attendence dazling the crowds with his free form sax playing.


When I told Kalaparusha that we were showing the film, he got really nervous even though we had spoke about it weeks ahead of time. I think the fact that it was all coming together made him nervous. But it made me nervous too.


We watched the film, but my eyes were on the star. I was nervous to what his expressions might be, but he loved it and even shed a few tears.


I did get to watch the film in bits and pieces when I wasn’t hiding in the back.


Kalaparusha and Michael Logan kept jamming after the film showed.



Some off duty photographers from the Wall Street Journal were there. (Bryan Derballa and Alex Welsh)

Thanks to all that came, curse to all that didn’t. Special thanks to Kalaparusha for letting the world into his life. I imagine it would be a scary thing to do. PS: The film just got into the Rooftop Film Festival in New York on June 18th. So if you missed this event there will be more to come.