Thirty Seconds of Light

I did some experiments with a flash light and a few flashes. These are the results.









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9 Responses to “Thirty Seconds of Light”

  1. 1 anya

    i really don’t know how else to put it – that is so sick.

  2. 2 pp

    super amazing bro!

  3. 3 savannah

    ahh you guys and your awesome artsy household.
    the one of trina and the umbrella is a-fucking-mazing!

  4. 4 Mike Belleme

    Trina laying down is awesome. Has such a cool feel to it.

  5. 5 Sara Lafleur


  6. 6 sandy

    soooo cooool. esp the umbrella one. see you in may danilo

  7. 7 Bryan Derballa

    Y’all are adorable.

  8. 8 confusedfangirl

    how do you DO that? what is the glowy line that can wrap around people and simultaneously float in the air?

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