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Gorilla in the snow?

While reading a book inside my apartment, I began to hear foot steps coming from the roof. I put my book down and decided to see where that noise was coming from. As I opened the latch to the roof exit I found a gorilla playing in the snow. The gorilla threw snow into the air above its head. It was making so much racket that I knew I wouldn’t be able to read my book. Something had to be done.

I watched from afar as the gorilla played.

My anger began to grow as I watched the gorilla divirginize my virgin snow.

All of a sudden the snow stopped. I noticed the gorilla catch wind of my scent.

I moved slowly towards the Gorilla, gun in hand.

Oh wait, it’s Trina…too late…BANG BANG BANG!

Oh no! What have I done? I just put three bullet holes in my only gorilla suit. Noooo! How am I gonna return it? Noooo. The End.

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