Thirty Seconds of Light

I did some experiments with a flash light and a few flashes. These are the results.









Skate Europe is Rad


Skate Europe is now up on VBS.TV and it is pretty rad. Chris Grosso is who I went with and he is also the one who is in this photo. This photo was taken in Amsterdam after poppin off some blunts at the Dolphin Cafe, which I highly recommend. Very very HIGH-ly. It was a fond but cloudy memory from the amazing trip. It was a powerful TRIP indeed. Anyways, check it out on VBS. Right now the Italian episodes are up but there is much more to come. Watch the awesome trailer.

Gorilla in the snow?

While reading a book inside my apartment, I began to hear foot steps coming from the roof. I put my book down and decided to see where that noise was coming from. As I opened the latch to the roof exit I found a gorilla playing in the snow. The gorilla threw snow into the air above its head. It was making so much racket that I knew I wouldn’t be able to read my book. Something had to be done.

I watched from afar as the gorilla played.

My anger began to grow as I watched the gorilla divirginize my virgin snow.

All of a sudden the snow stopped. I noticed the gorilla catch wind of my scent.

I moved slowly towards the Gorilla, gun in hand.

Oh wait, it’s Trina…too late…BANG BANG BANG!

Oh no! What have I done? I just put three bullet holes in my only gorilla suit. Noooo! How am I gonna return it? Noooo. The End.