Danilo’s Christmas Special

I like doing specials for the holidays because holiday specials make holidays feel more…special. And I want everyone to feel special during the holidays. So here is a Christmas special. Well kinda. Just pretend it’s more special and more Christmasey than it actually is.

Brett playing jingle bells here for his Christmas album.


Brett is making his Christmas list.


Everyone is making a list for Santa.


Trina gets on her winter wear.


Mrs. Clause is getting Santa a picture of herself while Jerome calls Santa and discusses  what he wants for the holidays.


Trina thought she heard Santa on the roof and gets up in surprise.


Meanwhile, Brett practices “Oh Christmas Tree,” at the studio.


Trina is trying to figure out what to get me.


I mistook this tree for a Christmas tree. I didn’t realize till after I cut it down though.


Sometimes I think about what life will be like after Christmas, and how long I will have to wait till Christmas again, and it makes me sad.




I was gonna put these three together but my computer crashed and I lost photoshop. Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas…wink wink.


OH MY GOD, YESSS! (Santa does it again.)


Trina wants a puppy for Christmas. This puppy looks like the dragon dog from Never Ending Story, which I watched recently so I know.


Santa Says:  “In your face Chanukah!”

A Slice of Life

I have been wanting to work on a personal project lately but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I have always wanted to do a documentary on this Mariachi Band that plays in the subway systems of New York City, so I decided to go hunting for them. After a whole day of searching every subway system I could, I gave up.

While getting off the 4-5-6 at 14th Street Union Square, I heard the beautiful sound of a saxophone. I walked over to the opposite platform and saw this man playing for tips. There was something about him that interested me so I talked to him a little bit and asked him if he would like to work on a project. Meanwhile I had a digital recorder in my pocket recording his music. I got his number and took off.

When I got home, I listened to his music over and over and let it haunt my thoughts as I thought about a project I could do with him and how it would be put together.

I called him the next day and arranged to meet him at Nut Roaster Studios. My friend Kevin Hayden and Dan Witrock filmed as I did the interview. All of a sudden I began to realize that this wasn’t your average street musician. This guy played with Miles Davis and had numerous albums. I even found a Wikipedia on him when I got home.

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre is an American free jazz tenor saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. After his 1981 live album, McIntyre recorded very little, playing on the streets and in the subways of New York.

Here is a teaser I made for the full documentary that comes out around Christmas.

He has a recording date coming up in January and needs to make some money to fix his saxophone. If you would like to donate then I’ll try and figure out how Paypal works.