Yesssss….I found my missing roll of film from the trip. So here are the rest of the photos that were taken in Baja. I took these on this rinky dink point and shoot I got in San Diego a day before the trip. But anyways, here is a more complete story from the ride through Baja.
The first challenge of the trip was getting all the bikes in through Tijuana.

There were many unique rest stops in the middle of the dessert that had some good food to offer. I don’t recommend the fish tacos in the middle of the desert though.

Lauren Cynamon filming some beautiful landscapes out the window. She was the second shooter and the editor who is working on the documentary at this very moment.

I cruised on the back of Kye and Harvey’s bike every once and a while to get those epic shots.

Our first stop was this place called Quatro’s Casas. It was a beautiful location with a very fun empty pool to shred. I was happy about learning some switch carves.

Harvey shakes down a dead cactus thing for the fire pit later that night.

We found a abandoned church in the middle of no where. We lit up the place with some fireworks.

After we had our fun at the church we headed back to the hostel. Arto prepares for the bumpy dirt road back.

I set out some left over tuna for the feral cats that occupied the hostel.

The cactus made a awesome fire.

Pat searched for more stuff to burn.

Arto is quite the Axe handler. He cut the wood and cactus for the flames.

Keagan Sauder and Kye were sleep renegades who didn’t bring tents so they slept in the motorcycle trailer.



We fueled up and took off further south towards Pescadero.




As we came around a cliff we found heaven. The first beach on the Gulf side of Baja.

Lots of pictures were taken.




We got to a town called San Ignacio and it had an amazing church. We were there on Halloween and a lot happened that night.

I set up a helmet camera on Arto’s head while we rode around the town looking for a place to camp. Arto’s head seemed the sturdiest.

Jesus was hanging out in the church.

I guess “Let the Right One In,” was a true story.

Heath got into a boxing match with a local heavy weight named Carlos, on Halloween night. Arto filmed the fight on his digi-cam and everyone watched the footage to see who won the match. I filmed the fight for the documentary, so you will have to wait for it to come out to see the brawl.

Arto seemed to attract all the local musicians.

This guy made some great sound effects while he played the local folk songs. His facial expressions were even better though.


The next morning we woke up not feeling so pinnacle, but the views helped ease our hang-overs.


This guys job was to trim the palm tree’s. Seems like a pretty cool job.

This guy was a little cutie, thats all I can say about this photo.

We hit the bottom and now we headed back north for the trip home.

Kye was very well prepared for the desert and the dust, sand and butterflies it had to offer. It was butterfly mating season which meant there were many butterflies to smack against your face as you raced down the road. A few smashed into my face when I road on the back of Kye’s bike. Arto had a lot of smashed butterflies on his sun glasses.

Kye stood up on his bike at like 85 mph. It was kinda scary to watch.

Keagan took to the side of the highway on the dirt path at 70 mph. His bike ended up getting totaled the last day of the trip so he joined the back seat of the car. (Photo by Chris Grosso)

I got sick the last few days of the trip with a mixture of sun poisoning and some sort of parasite I got threw bug bites to my feet. My whole body became itchy and I had some weird red spots all over. I wore this wrestling mask on occasion to keep the sun out and so I wouldn’t scratch at my face.




Harvey chopped down a cactus. We were all going a little crazy.

We went snorkeling in Loreto. Kye had bites all over his arm that made me more itchy just looking at them. The water felt good on the skin as we looked at colorful fishes.

Our snorkeling guide found us a prickly black sea urchin.

Heath examines it’s alien face mouth thing. I was dared to stick my tongue in the alien mouth but since I have a girlfriend I backed off.

After snorkeling we hit the road once again. Only 2 days left.


We stopped in Ensenada to find some skate spots. No one really wanted to skate though so just Harvey and I went out on a mission to skate one last time.

This was the last photo on my roll on the last day of the trip. I’ll miss Baja. I think everyone will.

Towards the end I was itching to get home. Literally itching. But now that I’m home, I already feel nostalgic about that good time. I guess the grass is always greener.

Special thanks to Chris Grosso and Lauren from VBS.TV for bringing me on another amazing trip, Bill, who lead the moto gang, Matt, who drove the scary truck the whole time and gave me advise on women, Harvey, who taught me a lot about living the free life, Heath, who taught me it’s ok to wear pants all the time, Arto, who taught me you can cut through anything if you put your mind to it, Kye, who let us crash at his house, Keagan, who is always happy, Hime, who is always funny, and Patrick, who showed me the ropes at Lord Blacks. Oh and Love Bryan himself for letting me borrow his tent and sleeping bag.

I just got back from shooting a documentary about a motorcycle trip through Baja, Mexico featuring some of your favorite skateboarders and their free spirit amigos. It was a pretty Bro’ed out time and was full of adventure and freedom. I think the documentary is gonna be a mix between Easy Rider, Terminator 2, and Blood Sport. Well I guess you will just have to wait and see. Anyways, without spoiling things too much, here are a few photos I took while I wasn’t filming or pretending I was filming but really taking these photos: There are many more photos to come but I am missing a roll of film that brings those photos together so I hope I find it.

The turquoise beaches are on the Gulf side of Baja, and this was the first one we came across. We were all pretty excited. But then we just kept on seeing more and more amazing beaches and I think we became kinda jaded.

Arto Saari lives up this Corona moment.

Harvey Foster’s bike got messed up early on in the trip, so he had to travel in the truck where I was. He was pretty bummed out, but it was cool because his Canadian stories made travel time much more bearable.

This dead cows gapping butt-hole made for a delicious treat for flies and vultures. But the eyes were the first to go.

This doggy had a nice set-up.

I wish this was my set-up. Maybe one day. I hope my mom doesn’t read this.

Kitties love to play on beached whale bones.

Another dead cow on the side of the road. The heat kills them sometimes, but it’s mostly cars.

Heath Kirchart having a blast.

These road kill scavengers found this Cow 5 hours after impact. The body of the cow was too destroyed from impact too try and salvage, but the head was left in mint condition. So off with the head. They eat the eyes, tongue, and the brains. It kinda looks like he is taste testing the brains in this photo.

Keep your head up, there are many more photos to come.