While exploring abandoned nuclear missile silos in Kansas we came across a calf that had fallen in a hole fifteen feet deep. We didn’t know how long it was down there but it was still alive and we knew we couldn’t leave the site without saving it. We found another hole that a calf had fallen in, and the only thing left was bones. So we took action:

The Calf deep in a hole in the middle of nowhere Kansas.

This is the family of cows that protected the hole and they moo’ed at us the whole time we intervened.

We called the authorities, and soon after, a bunch of them showed up. First the ranger, then the police, then the cattle owner who was pretty pissed off.

The cattle owner found a old piece of metal in the shape of a ladder and her son got ready to climb into the deep darkness where a scared calf shook in fear. The cattle owner was a old old woman who was as tuff as nails. Here she is dragging the ladder towards the hole.

Ed, the landowner, watched on from a distance. The cattle owner yelled at him for bringing us there, even though he owned the land that her cattle was on.

As the son descended into the hole, the ladder slipped down deeper and deeper into the hole. I think it was because of his weight.

The son got kicked in the balls by the calf a few times, but he eventually got the rope around it’s stomach and gave the signal for the old cattle owner to pull the little guy up. So up he went. I was so surprised in the strength of this old woman.

The calf ran like no tomorrow and only looked back at us once before disappearing into the wilderness to find it’s mother. It was amazing that it’s legs weren’t broken from the fifteen foot fall into the hole.

Ed watched as the calf ran into the distance.

This is the hero himself. He didn’t let me take his photo at first, but then agreed if he could flip me off in the picture. He said thats just how he likes to pose. Understandable.